Featuring as a soloist with Houston Symphony Orchestra at age 17

Our Mission: Seattle Music House fosters a lifetime love of music by providing high-quality, affordable music instruction in a fun, positive, and productive environment. Our school is founded on three core principles: inclusivity, joyfulness, and personal growth.

At Seattle Music House, students are encouraged to see themselves not just as music learners but as music makers right from the start. Throughout our music programs we provide a comprehensive understanding of music fundamentals such as rhythm, ear training, and note-reading in an environment that encourages and supports experimentation and creative expression at the instrument.

Our inclusive learning curriculum meets each student where they are in their musical studies, catering to their individual interests and needs in order to make the most of each lesson. Whether the student is interested in recreational music-making or they are committed to a lifetime of music study, our individualized learning programs help each student develop self-confidence, creativity, discipline, and commitment that will serve them in future music instruction, learning, and life.