Dear Parents and Students,

Thank you for considering Seattle Music House for your musical learning journey. My love for music started at age 3 when I played with a small toy piano. I loved to play; I loved the sound and all I wanted to do was make music. After begging my parents for piano lessons, my early music instruction began. At age 5, I began one-on-one lessons in Korea. The process was that of the teacher feeding information to the student. I struggled in the early phases of learning with boredom and isolation resulting from this dry and clinical type of learning format. I lost all desire to learn and even began skipping my classes. Fortunately, I persevered and made it through this difficult start and I am so glad that I did. Music became both my career and my passion, but it could have easily been lost in those early days of instruction.

The creation of Seattle Music House grew from my passion for music and is fueled by my belief that music education should be accessible and affordable to students of all ages, abilities and learning styles. I believe that creativity and expression must be present at the beginning stages of learning. It is my experience that the dynamic nature of a small group learning environment naturally fosters creative expression for both children and adults.

Ensemble playing and interactive music making, provide student the opportunity to express themselves and gain from the unique and natural strengths of their peers.

In my 20 years of experience in music education, I have observed many young students terminate their study of music early in the learning journey. Some students were not confident enough to navigate the linear nature of the one-on-one lesson and became discouraged and disengaged. Many families believed that music instruction was not a possibility for their children due to costs. I have also encountered numerous adults with the desire to learn or reconnect with learning a musical instrument who felt too intimidated by the cost and commitment of one-on-one instruction. Observing how Universities have successfully utilized new technologies to provide music lessons in classroom style setting, I had a vision of how to remove these barriers, opening music instruction to this unserved set of students and the Seattle Music House was born.

I have intentionally designed the SMH curriculum to be joyful, fun and flexible in order to meet each student where they are in the journey. Some students might go through the program quicker or slower depending on their age and maturity. Please feel free to contact me to discuss how SMH can best meet your or your child’s unique needs.

Looking forward to the music journey,

Erin Chung, D.M.A.
SMH Director