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Erin playing toy piano at age 3

When Seattle Music House Director Dr. Erin Chung first began her musical journey, she was just 3 years old. She started on a small toy piano, and she instantly felt a deep connection to music. Erin began one-on-one lessons in Korea, but she struggled through the early phases of musical study with dry, clinical, and uninspiring instruction. Fortunately, she persevered and went on to pursue music as her career and passion—and her early experiences helped shape her unique approach to music instruction.

At age 17, Erin performed as a soloist with Houston Symphony Orchestra, and she went on to cultivate a dynamic and multifaceted career as a concert pianist, performing at Carnegie Hall and other venues across America, Europe, and Asia.

Currently a professor of piano at Seattle University, Erin has over 20 years of experience in music education. She has taught students of all ages and skill levels, helping them cultivate essential musical skills while also instilling in them the joy and freedom of creative expression. Some of her students have gone on to study music in conservatories on the East Coast, some play for enjoyment, and some are piano teachers themselves.

Erin brings her professional experience as both a performer and a teacher into Seattle Music House, providing high-quality instruction in a fun, engaging, and nurturing environment. Erin believes that the teacher is not just an instructor but also a catalyst and a role model. No matter where the student may be in their musical studies, Seattle Music House helps pave the way for a musical journey that is filled with joyous discovery, personal growth, and creative fulfillment every step of the way.