Our Mission

The Mission of the Seattle Music House is to make the benefits of music learning widely accessible and to foster a lifetime love for and appreciation of music. We do this by providing high quality, affordable music instruction in a small group setting. Seattle Music House is founded on three core principles: inclusivity, joyfulness, and personal growth.

• Inclusivity – We believe that music learning is for everyone and should be affordable and unintimidating. Classes are offered for children, adults, and seniors. The small group nature of our classes provide for a more approachable learning process and lower rates than traditional one-on-one instruction.

• Joyfulness – We believe music learning must be fun for the student. Research indicates that children (and adults too!) learn best when they are having fun. Beginning music learning has the potential to be dry, isolating, and boring. SMH offers curriculum that combines the benefits of both traditional individual lessons and interactive group lessons. Fundamentals of music such as note-reading, musical symbols, rhythm, and ear training are introduced through fun games and engaging activities. The SMH class environment is positive and fun, respecting the growth of both the individual and the group.

• Personal Growth – Each person is an individual and the journey of music learning will be unique to them. The basis of all learning depends on the development of self-confidence, discipline, and commitment. SMH curriculum and instruction is built on helping each student develop these core capacities that will serve them in future music instruction, learning, and life. The SMH instructors will use a combination of one-on-one instruction time and group learning to develop an individual growth plan for each student based on their core strengths and interests.