Payment and Policies

Payment Policies:

Tuition is due in full at the time of registration.

Returned Check Policy:

A $30 fee will be added to all returned checks.

Withdrawal Policy:

When you enroll in a session at SMH, you are committing to the entire session. There are no refunds for withdrawing mid-session.

Calendar and Holidays:

We follow the Seattle Public School calendar and will be closed on days when Seattle Public Schools are closed. This applies to both adult and children’s classes. You will not be charged for lessons on days when we are closed for breaks or holidays.

Cancellation Policy:

Please let the SMH Director and your instructor know at the beginning of the session if you will need to miss any lessons during the quarter. Our instructors maintain a tight teaching schedule, and scheduling a makeup lesson for one student often involves moving other students’ lessons around in order to accommodate. We appreciate you letting us know in advance so that we may plan accordingly.

If you cancel the day of your lesson it is NOT guaranteed that we will be able to reschedule. Some teachers have more flexibility with their schedule than others, so it will depend on your teacher’s availability.