• "Erin has taught my 14 year old son piano for 4 years. He is a reluctant musician, but Erin has worked some magic with him! She is gentle and kind, and yet she teaches with a sense of humor, which makes the lesson fun. She always appreciates whatever effort my son has made, and he never feels judged. She truly loves music and I believe her goal is to share that love with her students in whatever manner they are able. Although she is a classically trained pianist who has played at Carnegie Hall, she meets her students at their level and is open to trying all types of music. Thank you Erin, you are a gem!"
  • "Erin balances sensitivity and direction, is positive and warm with her students, and adapts her quiet teaching style and expectations to my child's mood and energy levels. The result -- our five year old loves her lessons, practices on her own, and is progressing with joy!."
  • "Outstanding music lessons for all ages! My children have been taking lessons here for five years, have learned a tremendous amount and enjoy the classes. The teachers are exceptional: internationally renowned musicians in their own right but patient and kind with students."
    -Catherine S.-
  • "My 13-year old son just started taking piano lessons with Erin after a long hiatus from learning with another teacher. Every time he returns from time with her, his mood entirely changes to one of positivity and possibility. Her enthusiasm and encouragement inspires him to move to the piano every day to practice. It’s really amazing and so magical to watch."
    -Lisa Fitzhugh
  • "Erin combines boundless patience and encouragement with precision and depth of musical knowledge and technique. My children have been taking piano with her for five years, and they LOVE it. In addition to classical pieces, one kid now plays keyboard in a rock band and the other plays jazz. They practice without reminding, and play for themselves for fun and to relax. My home is filled with music."
    -Corina L
  • "Erin is a really good teacher because she can teach kids with varying interests in music, from jazz to classical to rock. Additionally, her teaching technique is very good and allows for different learning types. She has taught me so much in playing the piano, and I highly recommend selecting her as a teacher."
    -Jacob L, age 13, student of five years
  • "Erin is a superb teacher. Our two boys take weekly piano lessons with her. The approach is fairly traditional, and it works. They won’t listen to us, but they listen to her. She has calm, infinite authority. It is great to see them concentrating. They have improved very steadily over two years and we hope to continue for many more.""
  • "Teacher Erin is a really good piano teacher, and is really awesome at teaching piano to people of all ages. I started lessons when I was six, and it really helped introduce me to music and helped me learn other instruments as well as piano quicker and better. I was able to learn guitar and violin far faster than other people I knew because of the piano lessons and because I was introduced to piano so well by Erin. She's a really good piano teacher, person, and also is very good at piano herself, and can teach you any type (jazz, classical, rock, anything) that you want to know."
    -Tatiana L, Age 11
  • "I feel privileged to be studying piano with Erin Chung. She has a doctorate in piano performance and performed at Carnegie Hall. Her vast knowledge of the piano will excite any student and engage them in a wonderful musical journey. She has been a patient teacher giving clear and precise instruction to me. She provides a nurturing environment to learn in for both children and adults. I started taking lessons from Erin 9 years ago and 7 years ago two of my friends started taking from her too. We all feel honored to have her as our teacher. Thanks, Erin!"
    Vickie K.
  • "This is an amazing opportunity for anyone interested in private or group lessons! Erin Chung, the piano instructor at the Seattle Music House, is the best piano teacher I have ever had. She's kind, patient and so supportive. She has her doctorate in piano performance and has performed at Carnegie Hall as well as internationally. She absolutely brings out the best in me. Her younger students just love her. I give her my highest recommendation as a musician, teacher, performer and person."
    Rosemary H